Pastor's Review of the Year 2016

The year of 2016 has proven to be another year of spiritual growth in the ministry of First Baptist Church. We have wept together as we said goodbye to some of our loved ones, yet we delight to see God continue to transform us into the image of His dear Son. We are one more year closer to our Lord’s return, and desire to be faithful to His word until He comes again. We have determined that in the year 2017, we will be “Making Prayer our Priority”.

In January, we held our Missions conference with Missionary Eric Bohman. At the end of the conference Nathan Fritz was ordained into the ministry by our Church. In the fall, the Fritz family moved to Bowie, Texas to attend Baptist Bible Translators Institute to prepare for their ministry in Africa. We had a great Church revival with evangelist Ted Huston in April. Charity VanRaden graduated from Fairhaven Baptist College in May, and moved to Utah in the fall to minister in a Church and School. Chloe Fritz was married to Drew Koske in October and moved to Iowa to serve with her husband in a Church and school.

In June, Evangelist Jim Walker and family came to conduct our Bible school while Pastor Fritz ran a teen Bible school program. Alex Hicks, and Lee VanRaden graduated from High School in June, and went on to Bible College in the fall. This summer, Alex, Garrett, and Connor Hicks were able to go on a mission’s trip to Grenada with a group of young people led by Kerry & Terri Psinas. They ministered for a week of children’s Bible school and street preaching meetings. In August, Pastor Fritz took eight teenage boys to the Bois Brule River in northern Wisconsin for our annual boys camping trip.

Major improvements on our building this year included a new sign in front of building and a new patio and park bench by side entrance. We also were able to build a “Prophet’s chamber” for visiting preachers which has already been a great blessing.

We are truly blessed by the sweet spirit and willing servants in the ministry of this great Church. We are seeking to let God work through us as we make plans for the coming year.

Keep walking with the King,

Love, Pastor Rocky Fritz

(James 5:12-20)


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